Revised Bluefin 12' fishing SOT

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Re: Revised Bluefin 12' fishing SOT

Post by craiggamesh » Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:11 pm

scottrunnr wrote:Matt,
This turned out very well. I took her out fishing last week and found it to be quite comfortable. Having the fishfinder right in front of me was a huge bonus.

I've decided to retro-fit my existing 12' solo rather than build from scratch. No sense in not using a perfectly good hull. I'll going to rip out the existing cockpit but leave the fore/aft decks in place. It'll be the hybrid sot/sit cockpit as we discussed.

Should I remove the cockpit supports and replace them will taller ones to compensate for the loss of "floatable air space". Or are the existing ones still fine?
Hmmmm. Where are the photos of the fish? :wink: Any more youtube videos with the Go Pro?

If I had more clamps, I could build more boats.

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