Laker 13 with Paddle Mk4

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Laker 13 with Paddle Mk4

Post by OnkaBob » Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:49 am

Been experimenting with paddles in an effort to find what works best for me and gave the latest creation its first test a couple of days ago. The new paddle (shown in the first pic) has less curve in the blades than the previous one (in second pic). Both work OK but neither feels like any great breakthrough. Might try a wider blade for the next one and also hollow out the shaft a bit more. This one is about 1kg and I reckon it could be significantly lighter.

Remembered to take the GPS this time so did some speed tests on the hull as well.
The water was flowing out at about 2 kph so going downstream I managed to get over 9kph out of the Laker - returning I was struggling to get 5!

At the mouth (3rd photo) the current picks up considerably near low tide and I have seen people on surf skis get off and carry the ski over the sand to the quieter section as they were unable to make any headway against the current. I drifted around the last bend into this area and immediately began to be swept away. The shallow water meant I hit the bottom with the paddle so it was quite awkward but gradually managed to claw my way back with a lot of effort. I was paddling here a good hour before the photo was taken so there was a lot more water than shown.

In neutral conditions I think 4 - 5 kph is a comfortable speed. Factors like paddler size and the paddle will have an effect of course but if has anyone else has done any measurments it would be interesting to compare results.

Went upstream for a while too and encountered 2 paddlers in what looked like K1s and another in a plastic sea kayak. As usual there were favourable comments on the appearance of the Laker.



Cheers, Bob

Laker 13 - christened and slimed (just).
Laker accessories underway.

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Re: Laker 13 with Paddle Mk4

Post by jem » Fri Jan 01, 2010 9:04 am

Beautiful waters and boat!
-Matt. Designer.

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