Dinghy Vee question

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Dinghy Vee question

Post by Gaffers » Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:10 pm


I am in the process of finishing my dinghy vee (much slower than expected due to work commitments but hey)

I have completed the interior with my small modifications namely turning the center into 2 watertight compartments for the batteries which will power the Rhino motor I have got for the boat. Also I have gone for a Gaff rig designed using sailcut (no rear stay) I have ideas for future small mods to add later but once I finish I will post pictures.

I have started fairing the hull and my question is:

I am wondering how important the runners from the daggerboard back to the rudder are. I would like to omit them but it they are essential I will put them on. I will be using the dagger board even when motoring for stability in the Baltic (I live in North Germany) My guess is it is not too important as they dont run that deep but then I am not the expert.

Thanks in advance!


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