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Sit on Top

Posted: Sat Jul 17, 2004 3:23 pm
by Len
Do you have an idea of how much it would cost to build the sit on top cape fear model? not including the cost for the plans.

how do you support the weight for the cockpit? is it braced against the bottom/hull? i was wondering because i am heavy.

it looks like it would be fun to build.

thanks, :)


Posted: Sat Jul 17, 2004 6:14 pm
by jem
Cost for epoxy and fiberglass will be about $177 to $196 depending on brand of epoxy you choose. I sell a few brands through my site. If you buy the plans and materials through, I can get you a discount off the list prices.

You'll need 4 sheets of 3/16" (4mm) plywood. So if you spend for the good stuff, about $50 a sheet depending on where you buy it from.

Then you need to throw in stuff like sanding paper, primer, paint, any seat you want, and then stuff to "trick it out".

So if commands about $400-$500 price tag if you go all-out. But you'll end up with one lighter than the plastic ones of similar size. Mine ended up about 67 lbs but I could have gone a little lighter.

It took me about 40 hours to build the hull but I messed around with a few things. About another 25 to fair and paint but again, I did some experiments that took me a little longer. Keep in mind that's "touch time" and doesn't account for waiting for things to cure.

Cockpit seat and footwell are braced against the bottom of the hull. Plans call for additional support of the seat too. I'm 220# and mine is plenty strong. If it's a big concern, you create some temp dams and fill with bouyancy foam under the seat. But not required.

I love mine. I'm adding some footbraces and grab handles.