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Re: About Hatches

Post by goanywhere » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:47 am

Just my 2c worth, but if you have hatches you have a way for water to come in. My limited experience has taught me that no matter how watertight you think a hatch is, water doesn't care! It seems to be able to make it inside regardless. The real killer seems to be breaking waves over the bow. So, if you want hatches and buoyancy you need to either sacrifice some storage space and make the compartment totally sealed, or fill some of the space with foam or inflated airbags.

Also (and I am sure makenmend will endorse this) tether your bailing sponge, cup or what ever you use to get water out. Wind and waves have no mercy. In fact tether everything! I lost a paddle when sailing even though it was clipped to the side of the hull. Now I have a paddle leash. Annoying but essential.
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Re: About Hatches

Post by makenmend » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:43 am

goanywhere I concur after loosing my bilge pump in a storm.

However in that same storm I did end up sitting with water waist deep in the cockpit but the 8'' access hatches I insalled in the bulkheads did in fact keep them totaly dry. Now they do limit the size you can stow in the compartments but for me the trade off was well worth it.


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