open canoe - lashing and liner tie down devices?

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open canoe - lashing and liner tie down devices?

Post by LesForgue » Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:38 pm

Good Lord willing, I'll be building the JEM Trapper 15-38 in the coming months... While I am many steps away from deciding what to use for tieing-on points (haven't even purchsed my epoxy & fiberglass cloth), I am constantly reviewing in my mind what to put on my canoe for attachment of liner ropes, gunnel-level and bilge-level lashing, etc.

What do you all other open boat builders use in the way of cleats, rings, eyes, etc.? and where exactly on/in the boat do you place them?
For lining and mooring, should the rope be attached high in the bow/stern, or down by the water line?
At the gunnel level, I will probably have openings all along the gunnels (spacers between the inner & outer) so I wouldn't need anything else for lashing, but I envision having bilge-level lashing points to secure down things that are too low to be lashed at gunnel level. Thinking of epoxying some wooden cleats or eyehole pieces down at bilge level for that purpose.

I would greatly appreciate hearing anyone's wisdom and experience on these points.Thanks and God bless you and yours.
Les Richard Forgue

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