Question regarding the 27' Motorboat from Boatplans

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Question regarding the 27' Motorboat from Boatplans

Post by Ben » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:05 am

Hey there,

I've been here around since a few weeks due to my plan to build a 27' Motorboat (I bought the plans by Morton).

While studing the plans some questions raised up, I hope somebody can help me with the here the come ;)

- What is the average amount of hours to build the boat (just the boat not electricity, motoer etc.)?

- In the plans the motor is in a 'box' / under a hatch, is it also possible to have the motor installed at the
outside of the transom so that the opening on the main floor is closed?

- If so, can I use the space between the frame and transom as a storagebox under a sitting area
(therefore I would make the last frame 'shorter')?

- Can I make the roof longer so that I can place the cockpit outside or will that have influence on the view to
the waterway? The roof should be than longer to have a bit protection against weather (sun/rain).

- Do I have to install the kitchen as it is drawn or can I install the kitchen in a diffrent way? (along starboard,
with an length of about 1-1.20m)

- Do I have to apply epoxy on the whole outside of the boat hull?

- When I want to paint the boat hull, do I have to use a primer as well as antifoul?

- Can I use ordinary paint from the local shop or do I have to use special boat paint?

- Can I cut a little opening on the bottom of the frames so that in case of water that it will go
to the lowest point where I can put a bilg-pump?

Maybe some questions are strange but I don't want that my changes do have inpact on the static / stability / control ability / boost of the boat if you know what I mean.

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