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Post by Mullet_Key » Wed Nov 24, 2004 12:21 pm

Ref: Sabalo SOT: Matt, are all the deck panels flat? Also, what is the spacing between the hull panels and the raised floor at the feet and the seat? I'm thinking stability. I have a Tarpon 140. My seat stays dry, a little water sloshes around the feet. Have a great Thanksgiving! Later, MK
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Post by jem » Wed Nov 24, 2004 12:33 pm

All deck panels are flat. I did that for easier building, easier installation of hatches, and less for the wind to grab onto.

In the plans, I suggest a builder installs a thin strip to help keep deck drippings from running into the cokpit. But that's just a convience thing. Not required.

The seat at it's lowest point is 4" above the very bottom of the hull, hence a 4" waterline, and almost 6" at the point that fits under your knees. The lowest point on the footwell scuppers is about 3.75". It almost exactly matches the Wildy Tarpon in those height measurements.

I'll post recommended weight ranges in the model write up shortly.

I got an inquiry about an 18' version of this one! :shock:

I do plan on different lengths in the future. Depends on how much desire there is. Also open deck sit-inside versions.
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