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Trolling Motor Tiller Extension

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 10:37 pm
by Wimperdink
Since you mentioned it JEM, I'll just post it here.

Here's my creation for a tiller extension.


Using 2" pvc, cut 2 slashes into the end of the pipes, and sand them round. Mine are 12" long. Wallaaah you have fishing pole holders.

Don't want a fishing pole holder? OK OK lets move fwd.

This picture is pretty self explanatory. Drill holes through the end of the now rounded off PVC pipes. Take a much smaller piece of pipe and drill holes through on both ends. Run small bolts through both pieces as shown. (note, I used small nuts as spacers between the inner and outer pieces of pipe so that it would stay centered)

On the other end of one of your pieces, make a long cut into both sides like shown. (dont use a sawzall or it will look messy like mine. :oops: ) Then just slide a hose clamp over the end. When you press it onto the handle, you can just tighten down the hose clamp for a tight fit.


Cut a longer piece of pvc or broom handle or whatever you might have laying around and slip it inside the other end of your PVC. Drill a hole through both pieces of material and run a small bolt through. Thats it, you have a tiller extension.


And I have some movies of how it works. they are all around about 7 meg So they may be long downloads for those of you on dialup.