saving epoxy

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saving epoxy

Post by hoz » Thu Sep 30, 2004 3:00 pm

Well not really "saving" it, but mixing what you need and using all you mix.

I use clear plastic Dixiecups from WalMart to mix my epoxy. A little experimentation finds certain lines on the cup correspond to the mixing ratios of my epoxy. If I need a bigger batch I just add the mix to a larger
measuring cup, also availble at WM in the paint section.

I found a bag of 1 oz. plastic condiment cups at the local Cubs store when they went out of business. These have been great to mix small amounts of epoxy for touch ups, spot tacks and small repairs. Using condiment cups I have cut epoxy waste way down.

When the main project is done try to use all that is left. There are always alternate uses for an epoxy batch. Does a paddle need refinishing or the edges touched up? Add a little silica and wood dust tomake an edge putty. Any scratches on my canoes need filling? Epoxy neat or with a little microspheres will do the job. How about sealing raw wood? I found a small squirt of acetone will reduce the viscosity of the mix and makes a great brushable sealer. The epoxy penetrates deeper and still cures to a hard finish. Just no big buildup.

Is there any soft or "punky" wood on the house? You know how the windowsills sometimes get soft? After sanding, I have spread thinned, leftover epoxy on all my sills and it hardens them up and makes a good surface for painting. With an epoxy putty using wood dust and you can fill any open grain or checks in the wood.

I even repaired a pitted bathtub floor with epoxy and high density filler once, but that's another story.

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