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Re: Hairie"s South Wind Build.

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:14 am
by Tor
tx river rat wrote:Mick
I need to remount my transducer, it doesnt shoot through the hull worth beans.
I was thinking of going in and taking a roto tool leaving the outside glass and epoxy and gouging out the inside . then taking cloth and epoxy and putting down several layers.
My question is this do you think the cloth is neccasarry or just epoxy ,remember I jump a lot of logs and rocks.
Has yours stood up well
TX, I did this and it's slightly nerve wracking grinding out the hull. I put an extra patch on the outside and a larger patch on the inside (6oz) although I don't go rock hopping in mine I wouldn't consider it a weak spot.

If I ever did it again I wouldn't put it under my seat too many wires where my feet go...

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I built a reservoir just big enough to take and hold the transducer and fill with water, no silicone as I take everything out of the hull each time.

Re: Hairie"s South Wind Build.

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:26 am
by john the pom
Mounted a transducer almost a year ago. Considered grinding out to the outer layer of glass, from the inside. Figured it was worth a shot just installing it straight on the inside over the middle seam first up. Big blob of silicone ensuring no air gaps then carefully worked the transducer into the blob, again being careful not to make bubbles. Worked out fine for me. The slightest air pocket will bugger it up though. If it fails eventually I would clean it up and do the same again. You have to leave it alone for five or more days to cure thoroughly. That means NOT testing it for firmness at all. 8)

Re: Hairie"s South Wind Build.

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:25 pm
by NWDad
I know it has been a few years but I would like an update. Have you used it tandem and if you had how did it handle? Still looking at it to see if this would work for myself, 240 lbs and my daughter, 125 lbs. I have just got her started on fishing and she loves it. Where we like to fish are small lakes that do not allow motors. The south wind looks perfect if it would work for the two of us, plus I could still take it out on my own from time to time.