Gonna Build the Northwind (stripped)

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Gonna Build the Northwind (stripped)

Post by Darrells » Mon Oct 05, 2009 10:04 pm

Alright know that I have your attention it is going to be a couple of months getting started. Still need to strip the deck of my daughters new boat. Hunting season is here also and TxRiverRat and I have several trips planned over the next couple of months.
I am really enjoying my stripped Freedom but I am looking for something alittle longer to carry more stuff for camping :shock: and I also really like the large cockpit. I really like the way this boat's hull closely resembles a stripper. I think stability will be fine as it is the same width as my Freedom, but should be a little faster. As with all of my other boats, this one will primarily be used for camping,fishing ,and hunting trips year round on the Brazos River ( which is known for mild weather and calm winds :shock: :lol: :shock:) That's for you Chuck.
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Re: Gonna Build the Northwind

Post by Oldsparkey » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:41 pm

That mild , weak , wimpy , calm Texas weather is a good test for anything pertaining to the outdoors , boats , tents , rain suits , tarps , storm anchors , storm shelters and even tall buildings to see how far they can bend before breaking. :lol:
Yep , just another night on the Brazos River enjoying life and all the pleasures that go along with it. I would not of missed it for all of the tea in China. :D

Has anyone found Bears one shoe or did it get blown over to Florida or better yet .....the Bahama Islands ? :lol:

Have fun with the Northwind build , that sure looks like one great boat to have and use , especially on your and txriverrats quiet , peaceful and calm river.

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