Trapper 15-38

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Re: Trapper 15-38

Post by LesForgue » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:59 am

AFTER TWO MORE YEARS I am finally getting the build done, planning to finish by end of September (only nine non-Sabbath days left).
Spent the last 2 days stitching panels and reference frames,
building bow alignment jigs,
shopping for buying and pre-bending inner and outer gunnels (ended up with 3/4 inch radius clear poplar quarter round from Menards).

for the bow alignment jigs I lack the equipment to print the templates in one piece, so I made copies of the full size panel-end templates from Matt and used those to build the bow alignment jigs copying Matt's template best I could.

2 1/2 years ago I got laid off my job and after all income from that ended I started day labor work, but I decided to take off this last half of September to get this thing of beauty onto the water (yes onto not into).I still have one more big dollar purchase to make and that is the varnish. But I figure a can of good UV protect, underwater grade varnish wouldn't cost more than renting a canoe for a few days.

I Thank Matt for his design and advice and tutorials, also I thank Larry at RAKA for tutorials and helpful articles, also I thank the other builder log contributors and commenters for good advice, lessons learned etc. Mostly I thank God for my health and strength to be doing this especially at age almost 71 years.
Les Forgue, Illinois, USA

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Re: Trapper 15-38

Post by Wannabe » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:38 pm

Like Mick used to say, Good on ya Les. Keep on keeping on and never give up. Let us know how it behaves on (not in) :mrgreen: the water.
Oh! And pictures too, please.

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