Wadefish 15-27 for crabbing

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Re: Wadefish 15-27 for crabbing

Post by BigMal » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:11 am

A very nice job on this build; I like your craftsmanship and innovation ... I wouldn't dare go so far off design on my builds (but then I'm only on my first).
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Re: Wadefish 15-27 for crabbing

Post by crabyak » Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:27 pm

The Crabfest was a great event. I had the only woody there, got a ton of compliments. Seems as the center tunnel was the thing most of the fishermen were keen on.
My pvc carrier for the traps with the lexan cover did ok. but I've come up with a better plan. I'll be using a chunk of poly foam to just fill up the tank well and modify the pvc carrier to fit with the foam. Then all my worries about paddling thru the surf will be over.
Any way here's another report ;
arrived friday afternoon, set up camp, met up with my paddle partner Donnie. we set out our traps, 6 total for an overnight soak. wind about 12 kts.
Saturday morning we were greeted with small craft warnings, Wind 25 kts. 6 foot tide ebbing,6 foot swells. We got out early to pull the traps, we got skunked! almost every trap has a starfish or 4 inn it. When that happens the crabs stay away. We rebaited`and moved the traps closer in shore. we were about 3/4 mile out. Things were getting nasty for sure.after moving the traps we decided to check them and get off the water.We had 4 big dungies and 5 good size rocks. and a lot of tossbacks. we headed back in time on water 3 1/2 hours.Things were getting worse by the minute, we told others heading out to be careful, some looked like they were a disaster waiting to happen.We were right. The Coast Guard rescued 4 kayakers that were swept out to sea and one of those came back without a boat.
Pretty much the same conditiond for the Derby on Sunday morning. The sponsors had a meeting and told everyone to stay within the jetty area, citing the rescues yesterday. They had about 6 safety boat sea kayakers to patrol.Well me and Donnie were still a little out. so off we went at 8am. Things weren't as bad as yesterday afternoon. We could not find Donnie's traps! But there were 2 bouys similar to his in the area. We suspect someone pulled his by accident . anyway all 4 of mine were empty. starfish or totally stripped. I replaced the bait and did a quick pull of each trap. 6 good size dungies and 1 huge rock. wow. we paddled in.9:30am.After an hour on the beach we decided to get back out as the deadline for measuring ,weighing for the derby was noon. We paddled out and looked for Donnie's bouys, nothing, Pulled my 4 traps and had 5 more good size dungies. 10 in possession is the limit so I had to give one to Donnie.lol
The wind was really starting to hoot and the safety boaters were busy towing in the less skilled,aware paddlers.
Limited out at 11 am, pretty good.Got to the weigh in , mine were all non contenders. close but no cigar. But I was the only one to limit out, no prize for that. I blamed it on the wooden boat,lol.
The Wadefish is fantastic for crabbing. Build one, you will not be disappointed. I put this craft thru probably the worst conditions one would want to be out in the ocean. and the boat was stable at all times.
Thanks for a sweet boat.
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Re: Wadefish 15-27 for crabbing

Post by jem » Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:24 am

Great a report! Sounds like a great time. You can pack those on dry ice and ship my way. :P
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Re: Wadefish 15-27 for crabbing

Post by goanywhere » Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:20 am

Hi crabyak. Your build reads like a really nice and well thought out boat just perfect for you. But sorry, we live on pics here on the JEM forum. (That's because most of us don't read many books, but love fishing and boating mags :lol: )

Hope to see some shots real soon!
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