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Houston TX Wadefish 32

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:41 pm
by JimmyB
Hey guys,
Ive been lurking for over a year and finally narrowed it down. I ordered the TV and Wadefish 32 and Im going with the WF32. I mostly fish from my yaks and have a bunch of miles in the saddle. I started Kayak fishing in 2000 and purchased a Perception Illusion. It was a big fat slow stable boat and i dragged it all over the state. I sold it and bought a boat and now ive sold the boat and want another Yak. Ive been fishing from a buddy's Hobie Outback Mirage and I like it. Its pretty stable and the drive is pretty awesome but im thinking I want to go back to paddling. I was pretty fast back in the day and the mirage drive sux in shallow water. I'm constantly putting it in and pulling it out. its a loud clumsy and sometimes messy process that id rather not do. I will say that if you fish deeper water its a pretty cool system and a god send if you get caught in high wind. So, Should I build a yak with a well for a mirage drive and not use it or add it later if I want one? Im thinking I will want one but not right away. Im Ok with either option if they are the same but if its WAY easier to add it from the jump, Id like to know...

Im also a bit of a tinkererer and plan to add plenty of mods to this puppy. It might be a little on the heavy side but im ok with that if it works out like I want. Ive drawn this Kayak 20 times in the 3-d modeling software Sketchup. Ill post pics of what I plan to do.
Links below are full size pics on google drive not sure why it wont let me imbed the pics..... Working on it


This is a offset front view. Paint job is blue/grey Navy camo with safety orange on ALL interior surfaces. Should be easy to spot from a search plane... :| I think it looks great too ... sp=sharing

Birdseye view ... sp=sharing

Cockpit close up. Showing detail of the built in PLANO Guide series tackle boxes. I love the idea of built in boxes under my legs. Lift a leg grab a box... get what you need... Not sure about the size of the middle console but Im planning to use it to stow more PLANO boxes!!
Plano Boxes ... 11&PID=651 ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

Rear hatch, tank well and DIY rudder system. The black areas are all removable hatch covers. Some will only be removable for maint or access to the guts. ... sp=sharing

I hate setting up my kayak and tearing it down. In Texas the launch might be a pretty good haul from the truck. Making that trek 5 times in the dark is a pain...Things break things get lost. I want to store my kayak already geared up. I want to have minimal lines and cords. right now its a spider web... also i keep everything in a few bags in the tank well and its a pain to find what you need when you are in the saddle. The general Idea is to have everything built in. Everything has a place. some gear like emergency supplies, rain gear or first aid will be pre packed vacuum sealed and secured in a hatch. Ill only take that stuff out maybe once a year to check corrosion. gear like my Boga grip has a secure spot, not in my foot well or in my lap... I want to integrate a waterline anchor line and maybe a manual anchor windless... Seems like a lot of crap but i figure the best thing about a custom boat is the ability to customize it...

Oh yeah , I want to make it into 3 5foot sections... Like this one ... kayak.html I wanna keep it in my truck bed all locked up and stealth like... I like to sometimes drive 3 hours to fish and it'd be nice not to have a trailer that ppl can steal. Also I can store it long term in my attic if i want to. Main reason I sold my last Yak was it was ALWAYS in the way. I wish I never sold it but its tough to justify that much space for something you dont use... I will eventually build another boat and Id like to keep this Yak forever....

This build will not be quick but it should be fun...

Thoughts Comments? All welcome.

Re: Houston TX Wadefish 32

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:14 am
by JimmyB
Frames as drawn on plans

Proposed changes in red.

Re: Houston TX Wadefish 32

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:27 am
by coast
I like your ideas. Do you need any safety orange on the bottom?

Re: Houston TX Wadefish 32

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:46 pm
by Oldsparkey
Some thoughts of mine and they are from the what's it worth department which means they probably are not worth anything. :lol:

1..The safety Orange on the inside is a good idea in one way , it is visible from a long distance for locating the boat if it is right side up.
2.. It will probably be hard on the paddlers eyes when paddling in direct sunlight , a bright direct glare.

A..Safety orange is a lot better if it is seen from the sides so motor boaters do not run over you. A safety Orange flotation device , Sterns makes several different ones from the old fashion May West to a normal zip up vest type.
B..I found that most of the time with a capsized craft the person is ejected from the craft , locating the craft is not the same as locating the person. Safety Orange on the person would aid the rescuers in locating the person or the body which ever the situation would be.
90% of the ones I located were normally three days after the capsizing when they came up to the surface or if before then with a bar dragging a lot of grappling ( way over sized treble hooks ) hooks off it to snag the body , usually non productive since a body can be a mile or more from the accident area , depending on the water currents.
They were NOT wearing a flotation device.

Re: Houston TX Wadefish 32

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:04 pm
by JimmyB
Thanks Coast!

Good thoughts Sparkey, I was already thinking about glare. Prob going to a darker orange...

Shot of the sections.


Re: Houston TX Wadefish 32

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:52 pm
by Jeaux
Like the way you think on customizing to your liking. IMOP for rescue purposes light colors and lots of SOLAS tape. Looking forward to your build. Good Luck