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Current condition of "California Sabalo from 2005"

Posted: Sun May 03, 2015 6:51 pm
by CraigLewis
I just reactivated my account here and want to apologize to everyone for diappearing from the forum without finishing a thread on upgrades, re-finishing the Sabalo.

It is in great shape now, but suffered a blow from "flying off" my Vanagon roof a few years ago. I forgot to strap the front in Torrance, CA ...a fire truck was coming thru a blind turn and a lady stopped in the road forcing me to brake hard shooting the Sabalo off the roof onto asphalt...about 15 MPH. There was two scrapes on the Hull and a crack along front left panels from over-flexing.

I will post pics in a few weeks, I am relocating to Oceanside for my next job and 99% of my things are in storage unit until June.

Thanks to JEM and community for your service!

I found the old thread where I will continue:
One teaser pic: