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Re: got plans

Post by i smell smoke » Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:43 am

where i am up to now.
been a bit busy with tractor work the last week making hay , but then we got some more rain so i got to attack the swamp girl again.
i have found that for me the best way to do the seams was to just do a bit at a time , get a section to where i was happy with it then wood flour and epoxy it then leave it for most of or all of the day to cure before moving on to the next bit of seam area , if i tried to do the whole lot at once i would get one bit just right then another bit would move .
think this next bit is where i get some sanding practice by the looks of it .
i am having a lot of fun with the thing though .
matt question .
is there any reason why i can not make the fore and aft small deck section a bit bigger than the norm and put a bulkhead on them and fill them with floatation , i could add a small hatch to them for access and to air them out when not in use . just that i would like to be able to tell the wife ( her boat )that it will not sink even upside down .
also whats the normal seat position in these ( few inches back from center for the front of the seat ??? )
still trying to make my mind up which ship to build for myself once this was is launched .
thinking either bigger swamp girl or maybe freedom with bigger cockpit area .course then there is the TV too

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Re: got plans

Post by jem » Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:54 am

No reason at all. Easy to customize.
-Matt. Designer.

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