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Lake Cruiser 15-32
Lake Cruiser 15-32
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Lake Cruiser 15-32

Based off of our popular Laker series of kayaks, we've developed and open deck recreational kayak that is easy to build, light weight, and stable for 1 or 2 paddlers. The design is symmetrical front to back... meaning less drawing out of panels. Just draw and cut out one copy, and trace it for the other four.



Overall Dimensions

15'2 x 32"
6.2 m x 813mm

Heights: Bow, Mid, Stern

14", 12", 14"
356, 305, 356
Rocker: Fore and Aft
1.5", 1.5"
38, 38
Estimated hull weight*
43-55 lbs.
20-25 k
Max Recommend load on board
600 lbs
272 k

*Hull weight will depend on the quality of materials selected and skill of the builder.


The open interior allows for customization of just about any kind. Add bulkheads to the ends for floatation. Add a twist-out hatch to the bulkheads and you have sealed dry storage. The combination of the side rail/decks, coaming, and underside decks supports eliminate the need for a thwart. However a thwart can be installed for easier portage from your vehicle to the water.


Always wear your Personal Floatation Device!

Bill of Materials

Plywood: 4 mm thickness
3 sheets
Epoxy: resin with hardener (includes 15% waste factor)
1.5 gallons
7.6 liters

Fiberglass Tape: 6-ounce, 4" wide [170 gm2, 10 cm]

50 yards
46 meters

Filler (woodflour, fumed silca, etc)

1 quarts
1 liters

Click here to download a complete Bill of Materials that includes a materials list for different build options.


Total cost of the build will range from about $300 up to $600 depending on the options and materials selected. If you are interested in a CNC cut marine plywood kit delivered to your door (with in the United States), Contact us for a specific quote.

The hull can be built in 30-45 hours. Up to 10 hours to fair and paint depending on the desires and skills of the builder. Please note these are "hands on" hours. They do not include time waiting for epoxy and paint/varnish to cure.

Visit our Customer Service forum and see what others are saying about our designs.

Our Plans Include:

  • Simple to follow, detailed drawings of each panel with all dimensions required to layout and cut from flat plywood sheets.
  • Drawings list
    • Plan and Profile
    • Panel drawings on 11" x 17" paper. Metric and U.S. Standard units included.
    • Full scale paper patterns of selected curves that would be hard to draw.
  • Specific assembly instructions for this boat.
  • Bill Of Materials.
Price: $57.00

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