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Okwata 15-24
Okwata 15-24
Okwata Study Plans




The Native American word Okwata, meaning "wide water", was the original name of Lake Pontchartrain. Lead by the Native Americans In 1699, French settler Sieur d'Iberville marveled at Okwata and renamed it after the French Minister of the Marine, Comte de Pontchartrain.

Before using this or any kayak, we highly recommend instructional courses to learn proper kayak safety for countless hours of safe and enjoyable paddling.

This kayak was designed with comfort, recreational paddling, light touring, and overnight camping trips in mind. The full deck allows the hull to be lower to the water for less wind signature while keeping the paddler and gear dry. For rougher water and colder weather, a spray skirt can be used.

The hull shape allows for straightforward assembly, stability on the water, and able to handle a variety of payloads on board.

The deck can be built with openings for hatches or kept smooth for maximum hull integrity. The assembly instructions for this design detail how to install this option.

This design is slightly more complex than a hull with no deck, like a canoe. With some woodworking experience and patience, this hull can be assembled by a first time builder. Our assembly method is very straightforward. No complicated scarfing technique are needed. Everything is layed out and explained in simple, everyday, terminology. However, for best results, new builder may want to consider a simpler "starter" project like a pirogue or our Boat Shelf plans.


Overall Length
4.6 m

Max. Beam

.61 m
Depth at Cockpit (lowest point)
28 cm
Cockpit Opening

18" x 33"

46 x 84 cm

Hull Weight*
37-49 lbs.
17-22 k
Ideal weight on board
100 - 260 lbs.
45-117 k
Maximum safe displacement
300 lbs.
136 k

*Hull weight will depend on builder skills and materials selected.

Always wear your Personal Floatation Device!

Bill of Materials

Plywood sheets
Epoxy Resin (With 15% waste factor)
2.25 gallons [8.5 L]
Fiberglass Cloth, 6-ounce, 38" wide
22 yards [20 M]
Wood Flour
2 quarts

Click here for a downloadable BOM is .pdf file format.

Cost will range from $450 - $1,000 depending on the quality of material selected.

The hull can be built in 60-85 hours. The time estimates are "hands on" working time and actual hours will vary depending on the desires and skills of the builder.


Visit our Customer Service Forum to ask a tech support question, view past questions, and see our stitch-and-glue tutorials.

What's Included in the Plans:

  • Simple to follow, detailed drawings of each part with all dimensions required to layout and cut from flat plywood sheets.
    • All drawings are printed on large 11" x 17" (A3 size) paper.
    • Full scale (1:1) patterns for complicated curves.
    • All parts and pieces clearly labeled.
    • All dimensions provide in US Standard and Metric units.
  • 40+ pages of assembly instructions for this specific boat complete with detailed illustrations.
  • Bill Of Materials.


Price: $69.00

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