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Stalker Square-Back Canoe
Stalker Square-Back Canoe

Stalker 14-32 Square Stern Canoe

Square Stern Canoes are a nice compromise between a typical "double pointed end" canoe and a small motor boat. They offer lightweight portability along with stability. PLEASE NOTE: The hull is only designed to accommodate an electric trolling motor or gas outboard of 3hp OR LESS.


The Stalker was designed with shallow water fishing in mind. A person with an average sense of balance with feel comfortable standing up while in the boat.

The multi-panel hull will provide for quiet, efficient movement through the water. A confident first-time builder could successfully build these plans. If you are new to boat building and want to start off with something simpler, our Pirogue plans are ideal.

The open hull is customizable and is only limited to your imagination. Add rod holders, battery box, built in cooler, etc.


Overall Length

4.3 m

Max. Beam

.86 m
Height at bow/mid/stern
406 / 330 / 381
Recommended weight on board
200 lbs - 775lbs
91 - 343 k
Estimated weight*
55-70 lbs.
25 - 32 k

*Weight of hull: Hull weight will depend on skill of the builder and chosen build materials. Achieving the lowest overall weight will require the best materials and a highly skilled builder.


Material Build List


3 sheets

Epoxy Resin (With 15% waste factor)

2.8 gallons [11 Liters]

Fiberglass Cloth: 6-ounce, 38" [200 g/m, 97cm]
22 yards [20 M]
Wood Flour
2 Quarts [2 Liters]

Click here for a downloadable Bill of Materials. To open this file in a separate window, right-click and then choose "open in new window". You will need the free version Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.

-Click here for info about purchasing epoxy and fiberglass.

-We also off a precut plywood kit. Contact us for a quote.


For epoxy and fiberglass, starting price will be about $280 plus shipping in the United States depending on the brand and vendor you choose. This doesn't include items such as varnish, brushes, rollers, mixing sticks, gloves, etc. See our list of trusted suppliers.

For marine grade plywood, price will be about $200 if you pick it up yourself. Delivery cost of full sheets of plywood is expensive. Please contact us for a kit price if you are considering having plywood delivered. Our precut kit price may be cheaper than what you'll pay for the full sheets and delivery.

A builder who chooses to draw and cut out all the panels manually can save around $300-$400 over the cost of CNC cut kit. However, drawing and cutting the multiple panels on this design will be time consuming and there will be a risk of error.


Please Note: This is a multi-paneled hull and will require more time and effort to assemble than some of our other designs. If you're a first-time builder, consider completing a simpler project first. What you learn on the first project will allow you to build a better, lighter second project.

The hull will required about 50-65 hours to complete. You can save about 4-8 hours with a precut kit. These times are rough estimates and will vary according to the skill of the builder. Please note these are "hands on" hours and do not include the time waiting for epoxy to cure.


Visit our Customer Service Forum to ask questions or see what others are saying about this design.

Plans Packing List:
  • Simple to follow, detailed drawings of each part with all dimensions required to layout and cut from flat plywood sheets.
  • Nesting drawings for the best plywood layout with all panels clearly labeled.
  • Drawings list
    • Plan and Profile
    • Nesting
    • Panel Drawings on A size paper (11" x 17")
    • Frames
    • Quality Assurance Drawings
  • Specific building manual for this boat.
  • Bill Of Materials.

- All dimensions are shown in metric and U.S. Standard units.

Always wear your Personal Floatation Device!

Price: $59.00

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