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Laker Kayak

We're offering a free version of our Laker Kayak. These plans are designed to be simple to assemble but perform well on the water.


Overall Length


Cockpit Size

20" x 40"
.5m x 1m
Max. Beam
.67 m
Height at bow/max/stern
28/38/28 cm
Recommended total weight on board
110-250 lbs
50-113 k
Estimated weight*
30-45 lbs.
14-20 k.

*Weight of hull: Hull weight will depend on chosen build options and skill of the builder. Complete details, including lightweight build options, are in included in the Bill of Materials. We recommend you read the plans before purchasing materials.

The plans are downloadable and free to use and share! Just click the two links and get a free pdf file to save to your computer. Allow a few seconds for the file to open

Free Kayak Plans #1

Free Kayak Plans #2

So what's the difference between the Free Laker plans and the pay-for plans? The paid version includes:

Hull Design
· A rounded bow and stern entry/exit that will be able to take sliding into rocks and logs better than the free version.
· A refined cockpit coaming shape that will accept a spray skirt and has a more rounded, attractive shape.

Printed Plans
· Drawings printed out on 11" x 17" [28 x 43] paper.
· Bill of Materials and Assembly Instructions printed on 8.5" x 11" [21.6 x 28]
· Full scale patterns for parts that would be more difficult to draw.

· 15+ additional pages of details and tips on hull assembly including:
-Constructing and using a simple drill jig for perfect hole spacing.
-Using a spacer method for perfectly aligned hull panels.
-Constructing and installing deck hatches.
-Installing accessories such as pad eyes, foot braces, etc.
-Assembling an integrated seat inside the hull.
-End pours for installing a bowline.
-Creating neat and effective fillets
-Installing thigh braces for better hull control.


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