Crawdad 12x33 Standing Potential

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Crawdad 12x33 Standing Potential

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Hi all,

I'm gearing up for a fishing kayak build and have been looking all over for designs. The crawdad is one of the more promising designs I have come across that could suit my needs. 99% of my fishing is on rivers (smaller no rapids) and I do a lot of standing from my kayaks as I fly fish. I get that the crawdad was built for stability but was more curious to the people that have built it if you stand in it and how stable it feels doing so?

Thanks for any input!
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Re: Crawdad 12x33 Standing Potential

Post by LesForgue »

Since no crawdad builder/users have yet replied, I'll say my JEM Trapper 15-38 is very good for standing up. I have not cast a fishline from it but I have paddled standing, on relatively quiet waters, quite comfortably. For comparison with the crawdad, it is 15'3" long and 38" wide at midship.
Les Richard Forgue
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