Wadefish withBluefin style sub floor

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Wadefish withBluefin style sub floor

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Hi Matt

When you introduced the Bluefin with the new style under floor for the seat & rear bin you mentioned that this setup could be done on the Wadefish as well.

I am looking to build a third kayak for my wife but she finds the cockpit of the 27" Wadefish a bit tight across her hips. I am looking at building a Wadefish 32 for her but that will more than likely turn out as a heavier boat than the 27s I already have & I would prefer to be as light as I can be.

Have you got drawings of the Wadefish 27 with the newer under floor & seat setup as it looks like on the Bluefin the sides of the hull are also the sides of the cockpit & you don't have the small deck top on each side of the cockpit? If this is so then the 27" Wadefish would have a slightly wider cockpit by about 1 1/2 inch either side.

Then the other question is does the new under floor design allow to fit the Hobie Mirage Drive so my wife can keep up with my daughter & I?
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