What Happened to JEM Watercraft?

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What Happened to JEM Watercraft?

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What Happened to JEM Watercraft?

Life got busy. When I first started in 2003, drawing up canoe and kayak plans was a hobby I loved and had time for. Started as a small business that made a little money. Not enough to support a family but allowed for some extra fun.

My career as an engineer progressed and required more time. Then some other life circumstances gobbled up just about all my free time. Wasn't creating new plans, my customer service dropped off.

But I'm starting to have some more free time and would like to scratch that it again. Forums have become less popular when mobile phone technology made huge leaps and social media took off. So easy to snap a picture and post it for the world to see.

I'll watch this forum but will focus on my new JEM Watercraft Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61561109656449 . Stop on by, say hello.
-Matt. Designer.
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Re: What Happened to JEM Watercraft?

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Hey Matt
So glad you're finding time again to be more active with the forum and Facebook page.
Even tho forum activity is light, there is such a treasure of info that you host here. I know that must cost you something to maintain.
I'll be often on the JEM Facebook page.
Les Richard Forgue
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