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Re: Cheap Plywood

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jem wrote:Upon cutting it, it splintered a worse than Okoume but I found facing the "good side up" and using my portable circular saw gave me better results. Still plenty of splinters but a trade off I was willing to except for $9 a sheet.

Masking tape the line to be cut on the face the blade is exiting the wood. Works great when crosscutting on a table saw to masking tape the line on the bottom face of the ply.
And when using a jigsaw (like cutting out a sink hole in a counter top) I masking tape the lines.
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Re: Cheap Plywood

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I just would like to start by thanking all of you for all the great info. This is my first build and have used this forum a great deal.I purchased some cheaper wood and was concerned with splintering ,I found a jig saw blade @ Home Depot because I read in here to use the highest tooth count ,the one I got was a new bosch blade that is a progresive tooth count. It is a 17<24 tooth count .I used it to cut my panels and had NO splinters.
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