Paddling from Old Noarlunga

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Paddling from Old Noarlunga

Post by OnkaBob »

Took the "Ply Floater" out from Old Noarlunga yesterday to see how things would go with fishing gear aboard. Have fished from a canoe but never tried it from a yak before so kept it simple - just a light spin combo with some artificial baits.

Found the rod sits nicely in the cockpit facing forward. The pointed front of the cockpit keeps it straight unless knocked and it is out of the way while paddling. Was also able to put it in a trolling position next to the thigh plates without it getting in the way - very convenient :) . Found that stabiliy was very good while casting - just used the wrist to flick the baits about 10 - 15 metres. Cast forward, sideways and backward and there were no nasty moments at all :D.

Paddled from Old Noarlunga to within about 300M of Perry's Bend with lots of short stops to drift and cast. Had no bites but now have an idea of how to set things up 8) .

Paddled all the way back into a headwind without stopping - just kept up a steady pace, going wide around the few people fishing from shore. For someone as unfit as me I was suprised that I could do that. Being able to stay on course without too much effort helped - zigzagging takes extra energy.

The light weight came in handy. Had to carry it a bit further than planned due to car park availability but was able to carry gear with one hand and boat with the other without changing sides.
Only took a couple of pics at the end - was too busy managing drift while fishing on the way out, and paddling on the way back.

Cheers, Bob

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Re: Paddling from Old Noarlunga

Post by olsnappa »

Lovely looking boat, Bob. It's great seeing them in their natural environment,isn't it?.... :D
And nice water you were paddling on.
I bet she turned a few heads.
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Re: Paddling from Old Noarlunga

Post by jem »

Very pretty grain contrasts on your boat.
-Matt. Designer.
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