to Matt re photos laker 14

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cridgie down under
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to Matt re photos laker 14

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Dear Matt you probably have not read my post re laker 14 i am trying to come to grips with photo bucket as i dont like
to be a quitter , with the help of old snappa i at least progressed to posting one pic which turned out to be a pic out of sequence and i only succeeded in getting the one only through ,so i tried again. This time i cannot post as i get the message that my pic is too large i thought i shrank my pics prior to putting them on photo bucket ,however if you can at least help me in this instance i will delete all existing photos on photobucket and install new pics on where i have progressed to now .i feel such a fool that i cannot do this on my own.
thank you in anticipation
regards Cridgie down under
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Re: to Matt re photos laker 14

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I'll look at it later today and see if I can get it fixed up.
-Matt. Designer.
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