Tool for finalizing panels to the line

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Re: Tool for finalizing panels to the line

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Guys, I have been "playing" with a 14tpi Laminate Hand saw lately and find that I can cut ply with it, right to the line and almost as quickly as I was rough cutting with either a power circular saw or jig saw or even a commercial quality band saw.

The trick to successful cutting panels quickly is a sacrificial panel cutting platform. I use 70 X 30mm (roughly 3" X 1 1/4" ) pine boards and make a platform the size of my sheet of ply with several cross braces. Mount it on a couple of saw horses. This way the entire sheet is adequately supported during each and every cut.
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Re: Tool for finalizing panels to the line

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LesForgue wrote:my tools I use for fine-tuning the shape of the panels, A Stanley Sure-Form pocket plane, a rasp, and a carving knife.
I tried my hand-held orbital sander with 60 grit and also, for the farthest outside-the-line places, my jig saw, but found the non-power tools more better for this one task.

The knife or the rasp remove a lot of material quickly, the pocket plane fine-tunes.

Here's a link to a photo of the 3 tools; ... =snapfish/

I could not get the photo to load here - I get this message:
It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image.

Got the photo thang working (with help of course)

Les Richard Forgue
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