How (im)patient should I be

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How (im)patient should I be

Post by kjeremiah »


I have not received plans for Sasquatch 14-30 (Order no 1250) and, more worryingly, USPS have not changed the status of the package since their original email of 28 August.

Reading all the stuff on the forum and seeing the pics of both builds and trips is making me very anxious to move my dreams forward.

Any idea how long delivery to UK usually takes?

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Re: How (im)patient should I be


All you need to do is e-mail Matt and he will get with you right away about your plans,but i would say it might take a week or two with the USPS :wink:

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Re: How (im)patient should I be

Post by jem »

If you're out of the U.S.. you have to allow 6-10 business days for it to get there.

USPS tracking isn't the greatest for Priority Mail Flat Rate envelop. They basically tell you when the label was made and when he package arrived. I could use a different class or company, but would add $10-$20 to the cost.

If you don't see something next week, please let me know and we'll get things moving ASAP! Thank you for your patience!!!! :)
-Matt. Designer.
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