Rod holders for Laker type cockpits

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Rod holders for Laker type cockpits

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Been using the Laker for almost two years now and the only thing I haven't liked is the fishing rod holder possibilities. Have tried two bought ones, different styles. Tried fixing them to the deck in a couple of places and from various removable and fixed brackets inside the cockpit. I have probably tried a dozen combinations. Each of these either put the rod or holder in the way of paddling, out of reach or restricted me in some way.
Both the bought ones and a number of made ones are now in my "might come in handy for something one day bin".
HEAVY DUTY TWIST TIES. Cost me $2 for four at Aldi, but have seen similar at Bunnings, which is like US home depot store.
Tried them out today :D Eureka! No problems using them. Occasionally adjusted, but nothing like the P@#$^%ng about I had with the bought ones. It won't be everyone's choice. But on this type of coaming it works perfectly. I would imagine a wire covered coathanger would achieve the same results, but the foam on these is kinder to fishing rods. Slide it forward and increase the angle across the boat for trolling. Rods within reach but not in the way. One shape fits both sides, quick change. Cost 50c each. Win Win!
I fish mostly freshwater would not recommend these for marlin, big tuna etc :roll:

Four shown are. Straight i.e. as bought laying on top. Bent up ready to slide in on the far left, one with a rod in and empty one behind that. Under the bent up one you can see a few of many filled in holes because of shop bought rod holders :| You will know when you have bent them up correctly, they will click into position. Looking at the photo I haven't set it up properly here. While trolliing I had it set so that the rear hook was shaped so that the butt of the rod sat under the edge of the deck/coaming. A bit more secure that way, and it increased the angle for trolling.
Regards John.
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Re: Rod holders for Laker type cockpits

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pretty slick!
-Matt. Designer.
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