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Per request from the many Laker builders, the section is dedicated to braggin' about your Laker kayak.
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Re: New Laker

Post by Tor »

that is rather pleasant

I really like the strip board approach it looks a bit easier than a full strip build but still gives a great effect.
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Re: New Laker

Post by RobRassy »

OOOH!!!! ... Now thats a thing of BEAUTY!!

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Re: New Laker

Post by Jacko »

Hi, I love what you have done with the Laker, I can't wait to see it completed. I have in mind to build a Hybrid (Panel & strip deck) myself after I build a Laker 13 for my 9yr old Daughter. I work with Mick (Hairy Mick) and I'm soon to take over his Cobia 15 construction that he has about 1/2 > 3/4 finished as he has another boat in mind now, not that his shed is full of boats :) My shed is now being cleared out & tools being bought to start the build process. Told the wife the new saws, thicknesser etc are for the renovations she wants so I will have to do some reno as well :wink:
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