16 Sea Power

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Type of boat I like: 16 Sea Power

16 Sea Power

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I really like the 16 Sea Power and I am getting ready to order the plans...I would love to build this boat Open without the cab on the boat...Need to bring the weight down below 300 lbs. Does any one know if that is Possible. Also I live in the Philippines Iloilo and the water is always choppy and need this boat for that reason...Does any one know the dead rise of the boat fore at the cut water and aft on the stern. I built the 12 flex garvey last year and it is a great little boat. I have a 15 hp on it and when the water is calm it is so fast you think you are flying, but unable to handle the chop very good with out pounding.
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Re: 16 Sea Power

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It is possible to build the boat open so you have the chance to reduce the weight. The boat is fine for choppy waters, so I am sure it will do you great where you live.
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