masts and spars advice please morten

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cridgie down under
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masts and spars advice please morten

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Hi Morten as you know i have your plans for the 11' dinghy vee, I have decided that i will be
making my mast and spars first,I have no lathe or fancy wood working tools so i was wondering do you have or know of illustrated steps in tapered mast construction
also with the dinghy vee how are the sails actually connected to the mast and spars,in essence what holds the spars in place against the mast ? i have built a gaff rigged sailing boat (12'heron)with my father , but that was 50 years ago I'm now 73,all i can remember is
we made the mast in two sections made the groove for the sail and then laminated the two halves together,

advice from any one on this forum would be appreciated
regards Ray
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Re: masts and spars advice please morten

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This is how I did them for a 15 1/2 foot pirogue and a 16 foot canoe.

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Re: masts and spars advice please morten

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I am sorry but I haven't got any reference for a real good how-to for spar construction. Maybe some other forum members have references?

I normally recommend making the spares from square pine. Pine is better than fir when you use the sawn wood. If you however go for some long slender logs fir will be best. This is because the strength is in the core of the wood for pine and in the outer rim for fir.
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