11' dingy vee

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cridgie down under
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11' dingy vee

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Hi Morten , thinking of building the dingy vee sailing /motor /row version, First question how stable is this dingy particular under sail ? second question there does not appear to be much inbuilt bouyancy compartment's,in fact there appears to be none at all in the front,?
Can you also advise of other past builders who have built this boat .so i can compare notes with them , and how many of this dingy have been built ?
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Ray (cridgie down under )
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Re: 11' dingy vee

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Hi Ray,

That's great to hear you are looking at the Dinghy-Vee. Compared to say the 11' J-Skiff the initial stability for the 11' Dinghy-Vee is some 50-60% better. When using small boats under sail you will have to compensate with your weight to keep the boat upright. Let's say you place yourself at the center of the boat and go for a fresh tack you will for sure capsize. That's why you will have to move to windward to balance the boat. So I think the best number I can give you for the Dinghy-Vee stability is the number above.

The buoyancy can be placed in the front or back. The plans will show a cutout in the first frames but you can just leave that out and you will be able to make a watertight compartment. As for the aft I recommend using some air filled buoyancy bags under the seat.
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