accosted by a wooden canoe

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accosted by a wooden canoe

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I took my Trapper up to the Murray River for the Cup Weekend, only had time for 1 paddle, about 90 min up stream, and 15 min down stream. Sat in the front facing the other way and used a doubble paddle going up. I had to paddle backwards a few times because of the wind. I enjoyed it.
Anyway, the main reason for the post is that I got accosted on the way home by a guy wanting to sell me a wooden canoe.... turns out it is a canadian built"strip" job, about 3 inch strips at maybe 45 degrees, with the inside layers running on the other diagonal. A beautifull finish, just needing a couple of strips re glued. Dod I say it had cane seats, and a very round bottom.
What would something like that be worth ?
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Re: accosted by a wooden canoe

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Sounds like it was cold-molded from veneers. Assigning a price is tough without knowing any history of it but if it's just a home-built boat made by the seller, he's probably got about $400 invested in hull materials plus whatever he built the mold from. But if it's needing repair, that could be a sign of future needed repairs.
-Matt. Designer.
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