NorthWinds go again

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Re: NorthWinds go again

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There would be two things I would change.
Nu one would be the rails I mounted my adjustable seat on would run full length of the cockpit , it would brace the bottom,it really doesnt need it, it would let me mount my foot pegs on the rail and they could be adjusted full length of the cockpit, and the last thing it would let me lay a light piece of ply accross the bottom of the yak so my camping gear would not get wet from paddle splash accumulating in the bottom of the yak
On day trips and light overnighters I use the smaller 28 quart extreme cooler , I would open the width of the cockpit just a small amount where that cooler could be carried sideways.
The boat is perfect would not change a thing on the way it is designed .
These changes would be just to make it fit my needs better.
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