Where do you buy your resin and tape?

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Where do you buy your resin and tape?

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Hi Guys.
I just bought the plans for the 15' canoe and I'm trying to find a place online to get the resin and tape. I'm having a tough time finding the right sizes and weights...

I need 3" and 4" tape at 6oz weight. Anyone know where I can find that? Preferably in the US so I don't have to wait for international shipping. (I'm in California).
What about resin? Any suggestions from experienced builders?

I'm really excited to start building! I'll definitely post photos of my progress as I'm going through it.


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Re: Where do you buy your resin and tape?

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Here's a list of suppliers. It's not an exhaustive list but these have been known to provide builders great products and service.

-Matt. Designer.
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