First project on the lathe

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First project on the lathe

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Finally got to fiddle around with Dads new lathe. Was trying to figure out something simple to build that would be useful. So I made a shifter knob for my truck. I got to use a lot of different set ups. Faced and turned, couple of center drills, drilled, tapped, knurled, and used the part off tool. Didn't get picks of every step but here are a few.

used a center drill to chamfer the hole before tapping

Here is a video of the knurling process. I think my feed rate was a little slow but it still came out pretty good

Looks like its floating above the grand canyon! My mouse pad turned out to be a good place to take a pic of this thing :D
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Re: First project on the lathe

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Now that's a nice play room that has those kind of toys!
-Matt. Designer.
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