Dusted off and slimed

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Dusted off and slimed

Post by OnkaBob »

Hadn't been out for a while and noticed there was a distinctly thick layer of dust (5 months worth) on the Laker last night so I grabbed the shop vac and cleaned her up. Hit the water (Onkaparing at Wearing St) around 7:30 with only a few other people around and a noticeable breeze blowing down river. I grabbed my lightest paddle as it was only a river trip and once on the water I remembered why I have plans to put built up grips on it - the 1" diameter shaft is just that bit too small to get a good grip on. Also remembered why I had plans to add foot braces :roll:. It wasn’t what you would call difficult conditions but just seemed a bit of a struggle with things not quite right. Originally planned to go for a quick squirt all the way to Old Noarlunga but abandoned that almost immediately.

Anyway I persevered against the breeze and outflowing tide up to the reach by the new railway bridge and not having an anchor (new one is still in the mail apparently) I backed into the bank on the windward side and cast a soft plastic around for a while. Within 10 casts a little bream took the lure.

Put him back and had a few more casts then went the rest of the way up to the bridge with the plan of just drifting back down while trailing the SP. Was almost back to where I had stopped earlier and hooked a slightly larger bream.


Around the next bend is a reasonably long reach that passes some sporting clubs and I was nearly at the scout hall when the line took a solid hit – it was obviously a bigger fish than the other 2. After a short tussle it was at the top and coming in easily until it seemed to go camera shy and took off again. Was about 36cm when finally on board.
The sequence of photos tells the story -
First sight


Under control

On board

Just after that someone called out from the bank to say what a beautiful boat I had. Happens every time :D .

Not a huge day but after a slightly dodgy start it turned out to be a pleasant way to pass the morning.
Cheers, Bob

Laker 13 - christened and slimed (just).
Laker accessories underway.
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Re: Dusted off and slimed

Post by Mick »

G'day Bob,

Nice report and piccies mate. A 36cm bream would be a stonker up here. Well done!

For our American cousins, Aussie Bream are one of our prized sport fishes. They don't grow very big and anything over about 3 pounds is considered huge. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in difficulty to catch on artificial baits and their strong and determined fight. They also just happen to be fine table fare. :D
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