non-skid varnish surface

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non-skid varnish surface

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I have built a Northwind stripper--started a year ago and am finally varnishing. This is my first boat and Matt warned me when I was first inquiring that it would be a hard one to build as a first project. He was right. But I do now have a boat that I think will be quite fast and seaworthy.

Anyway, does anyone have experience putting a non-skid surface on the floor? I read that you can mix sugar or salt into the varnish. Sounds messy and maybe pretty rough.
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Re: non-skid varnish surface

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I don't like to use Sugar or the Salt and just use some fine builders sand and you do not need a lot of it. Or just get some Non Slid products from the paint store , they should have a selection of it you your use.

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