Paddler in TX requests assistance

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Paddler in TX requests assistance

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Hello all.

I was contacted and asked to build one of my designs for a Texas customer who wanted then to come pick it up and use in the 2015 Safari.

I'm in the middle of a house remodel and it seems a little silly for him to drive all the way to NC when there's lots of builders more local to him in TX or LA. Any builders here interested? He's retired and lives in apartment and has no place to build. He doesn't want a plastic boat.

I won't make any money on this other than the plans I'll sell him. He does want a custom hatch in the back but nothing complicated. I can help out with the parts for that. The fee to build will be between you and him. To sweeten the pot, I'll throw in one set of any of my stock plans to the builder so long as i can get pictures of the build.

I haven't discussed with the customer if he wants a CNC cut kit or if hand drawn is acceptable. He's looking at a simpler model kayak so it wouldn't be hard to draw out by hand.

If this sounds interesting, shoot me an email or PM.

Thanks all.
-Matt. Designer.
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