Carbon fiber added to bottom...

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Carbon fiber added to bottom...

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Started building the Freedom 13 a couple weeks ago, All wood cut, sewed together, filleted all seams, glassed inside and out. The bottom seemed a little flexible to me out of 4mm
Okoume so I has a little 5 oz. six inch wide carbon fiber tape in the shop so glassed two strips on the cockpit floor and one strip in each of the front and back compartments.

This added very little extra weight over the 6 oz. glass inside the boat. Checked it this morning after the epoxy had cured and was more than impressed with the results.

The floor now feels like it was made out of 3/4" plywood, talk about stiff! Carbon fiber is amazing stuff.

I laid the strips from bow to stern on the inside of the hull as it looks pretty cool under varnish.

If you have a bottom the tends to oilcan a little a small amount of carbon will solve that in a hurry for very little cost and work and gives you a near bullet proof floor.

Now it's time to sew and glass the deck to the hull and start the real fun job of grinding and sanding the epoxy down, not my favorite part of boat
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