Freedom 13 splashed...

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Freedom 13 splashed...

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Finished my Freedom 13 a few days ago, took about three weeks to complete and a lot of that time was waiting for epoxy to dry.

Very easy boat to build, plans were excellent and very informative and easy to follow. Hats off to Matt for a good design and instructions.

I have a small "frog pond" on my place a few steps from my garage/shop so in the water it went. My main concern when building was stability, I'm 74 years old so not all that agile any more.

I have been fishing out of a Ocean Kayak Big Game 11 and it's very stable for a big plastic battleship. Well...the Freedom 13 is very stable, perfect as it's a fishing kayak for short range trips around the local bass lakes.

It is set up for fishing, anchor trolly, fishfinder, built in rod holders etc. and a great modified stadium seat 4" off the floor for creature comfort.

I was concerned about getting in and out of the kayak with my old body. The SOT Ocean Kayak Big game is easy, just get in a few inches of water, swing the legs over the side and stand up. It turned out it's the same thing with the freedom. It's plenty stable so I just put it in the water in a few inches, turned sideways and plopped my butt in the seat and swung my legs into the long cockpit, same for getting out, just as easy. Thanks matt for the looong cockpit!..

Boat is fairly fast, tracked excellent, stable and great looking, can't ask for much more than that in a fishing kayak.

Will have to get a new camera and get some pictures up, boat looks good with five coats of gloss varnish...Warf
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Re: Freedom 13 splashed...

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Looking forward to the pics!

-Matt. Designer.
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Re: Freedom 13 splashed...

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Yep, waiting on pictures.... :P
Tight Lines, Steve
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