North Wind in South Africa

Builder show and discuss their progress.
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North Wind in South Africa

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Hi everyone

I ordered plans for the North Wind yesterday, and can't wait for them to arrive. Hopefully building will start early in January 2015.

No boat can do all things, but from the descriptions this one seems to come close to fulfilling most of my needs. Open water capable, fast, stable, easy to paddle, can take a sailing rig, attractive to look at, can take a passenger along...
I will be using the boat on protected waters as well as on the open sea (Cape Town's Table Bay and False Bay), so seaworthiness is important to me. When I saw that it is based on the Sea Wind Kruger canoe I knew it was the right boat for me. I want to use it for exercise paddling, fishing, and for sailing. I plan to have bulkhead compartments filled with removable buoyancy foam for when I venture off-shore.

Does anyone know if there are any North Winds in South Africa already, particularly in the Cape Town area?


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