Wadefish 15-32 Question-a-palooza

Ask your questions here. Guests welcome to post!
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Wadefish 15-32 Question-a-palooza

Post by bzemaitis »

Hey Fellow builders,
While this is my first post, I have been lurking for a looooong time. I am now in the process of building the Wadefish 32.
I currently have the hull together and am glassing the bottom as we speak.
I have poured over all of the wadefish posts, tutorials, builder logs, etc. and have several questions.
I live in Florida, have four boys and spend a lot of time on the water. I want to build a boat that is durable, so weight considerations aren't as important (unless you feel otherwise). Will be predominantly a fishing boat. I am planning on finishing it in black with wood accents. My current project name is "Stealth Boat" (see pic)
Graphite Hull
Is it worth it? If so, I am seeing that the recommended amount of coats is 3. Is that after the initial fill coats or should I begin the mix right after the glass? (i put down two layers of glass.
Drive Well
I already have purchased the V2 with upgraded fins. I am using the cam lock knobs and not the Click and Go. I am thinking about making a custom form that will receive the main shaft and the fore and aft tabes. I am thinking of making it out of resin but have wracked my brain on what to add to the resin to ensure stiffness. Since it will get a lot of friction and action, I want to ensure that it is going to last. I have read, wood flour, flocked fiber, etc. Any suggestions?
Hand Steering
I am looking for a solid DIY option for my rudder to hand steer. For the life of me, I can not find any plans online. Any recommendations on something that is solid and doesn't look like its put together with duct tape and WD-40.
Interior anchor trolley
Thinking about this one but have concerns about poking a hole through the hull. Any ideas? Should I just do the standard, external mount?
Gear Track
Thinking about attaching gear track to the sides. Has anyone done it and what are your thoughts?
Raised Seat
Thinking about installing a slightly raised canvas seat. My concern is raising my center of gravity may adversely affect the tracking and make it tipsy. Thoughts?
"Wish I would've"
This last question is my "catch-all" for all of the wadefish builders out there.
Now that you have had your boat on the water, what would you have changed, upgraded, removed, added to it?

Thanks for all of your help in advance,
Brian from Tampa.


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Re: Wadefish 15-32 Question-a-palooza

Post by G8trwood »

I’ll hit a couple

If your beaching or grazing oysters, graphite yes. Keep it light as you can, diminishing returns as you add heavier glass and start dragging it around. In Florida glass every surface as eventually the heat and humidity gets the edges, etc.

You can buy a hobie drive well for the inflatable, i believe it is a clamshell that bolts together, if it is, it would be an interesting starting point. Like $50.00

I love a slightly raised seat, but it depends on your weight and balance. As I have somehow gotten old, the seat goes down or the yak gets wider.

There are a lot of quality rudder kits out there that would give you a great starting point. Just copy one of the other pedal yaks that you like.
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Re: Wadefish 15-32 Question-a-palooza

Post by jem »

Graphite: it really does work. I apply after weave fill coats and smoothing. Graphite a bear to sand and makes a big mess.

Milled fibers will provide greatest strength. Difficult to sand when it's hardened.

Hand Steering - do a search for stick steering to get inspiration.

Interior anchor trolley - mounting hardware doesn't have to mean creating a leak if sealed off properly.

Raised Seat - Take some blocks of wood or old phone books (do those exist anymore?) out on the water. Stack up to different heights and test the stability in shallow, calm waters.

Sorry I didn't see this until now. Good luck!!
-Matt. Designer.
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Re: Wadefish 15-32 Question-a-palooza

Post by PiratePete »

Hi Brian

Sorry for the late reply but my account was out of date.

I have built 2 Wadefish with Hobie drives in them as per this post

The drawings that David did & I used worked well & after 7 years I haven't had any problems with them at all.


Please feel free to ask all the questions you have.

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Re: Wadefish 15-32 Question-a-palooza

Post by bzemaitis »

Thanks for all of the advice everyone. Pete, I recently bought the latest Hobie Drive (not the 180) and noticed that they included a set of tabs on the very bottom of the drive. I believe this changes your setup and specs. Have you or anyone solved for this yet or did I just miss it in your posts?

I'm also going to repost this in the other thread as well.
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