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Someone asked Do all canoes have four inch waterline

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 3:42 pm
by LesForgue
Whether you say waterline or draught/draft, it varies per the shape/size of the boat and for an individual boat it varies per the load at any given moment, load meaning the boat's weight plus the weight of the persons pets gear and equipment on board. Inland water weighs about 8.8 pounds per USA gallon (128 ounces); so 440 pounds of load displaces 50 US gallons of water, now to say how far down in the water that puts your boat you'd need some calculus work. And you can't just lean over one side with a measuring stick unless you use counter weights on the other side to keep an even trim while you measure. Then there's another term "freeboard" How much of your boat is OUT above the water surface while the rest of your boat is below the water surface. It's very important that your freeboard and your draft add up to the height of your boat, otherwise your boat might be coming apart in which case you should probably head home for repairs at your earliest convenience.