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Hello Builders,

Matt invited me to joint his forum and therefore I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce myself.

I am from Denmark (so please bare with me if my English is not always correct). I live together with my wife in Måløv near the capital of Denmark Copenhagen.

As long as I can remember back I have been interested in boats. And a bit after that also been building boats. At the start it was model boats and ships but later on it became full size boats.

My first full size boat.

After finishing an education as boat builder and working some years, I started studying Naval Architecture at the Technical University of Denmark and graduated as Naval Architect later on.

Another project I has been involved with. I did not build this one all by myself :D

Feel free to visit my site at or to drop me a question or comment in this forum.
Morten Olesen -

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Re: Introduction

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Hello Morten.

I'm helping out young William with his DK Touring build.

He and I have considered putting two amas on your well thought out design and fitting it with a sloop sailing rig.

We'd be interested in your suggested location of a keel stepped mast and leeboard location as well.

Thanking you abundantly in advance,
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