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Muskoka Study Plans




Muskoka, Canada is a vast district of 1600 shimmering lakes, thundering waterfalls, sheer granite cliffs, aromatic pines, and dense maple forests.

This model developed from a custom request to develop a hybrid of our Gander River Canoe and Buccaneer X-tra Wide into an elegant and functional craft.

The design was to have ample room and stability for 2 paddlers and gear. It was also to have a hull shape that could handle choppy water and promote stability while paddling flat water.

The beam is wide for a canoe. To keep paddling easy, a strong tumblehome panel was added. This shape will also help keep water spray from entering the cockpit. The fine entry will split small waves and the fuller shape will keep the hull from digging into waves too deep.
The stern end has a small transom that stays above the waterline when paddling flat water. When moving over waves or choppy water, the flare of the bottom panels to meet the transom will help prevent the stern from "squatting" too deep in the water. Up to a 3hp motor may be mounted on the transom.


Overall Length
4.7 m

Max. Beam

.97 m
Height bow/midship/stern
Estimated weight using Okuome
68 lbs.
31 k
Recommended weight on board:
220 - 700 lbs.
100 - 317 k


Always wear your Personal Floatation Device!

Bill of Materials

Plywood sheets
Epoxy Resin (With 15% waste factor)
2.8 gallons
Fiberglass Cloth, 6-onuce, 38" wide
22 yards
Wood Flour
2 quarts


See our plans and kit costs. Combine the options to suite your needs.

The hull can be built in 45-55 hours. Up to 20 hours to fair and paint depending on the desires and skills of the builder.

Visit our Customer Service Forum to ask a tech support question, view past questions, and see our stitch-and-glue tutorials.

Plans Packing List:

  • Simple to follow, detailed drawings of each part with all dimensions required to layout and cut from flat plywood sheets.
    • All drawings are printed on large 11" x 17" (A3 size) paper.
    • All parts and pieces clearly labeled.
    • All dimensions provide in US Standard and Metric units.
  • Specific building notes for this boat complete with detailed illustrations.
  • Bill Of Materials


Price: $59.00

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